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June 2008
Elementary School Project
July 2008
AGSM Site Launch
June 2009
Started Hope Scholarship program for High school students
July 2010
Added the Widows Program

Sharing the Gospel and School Supplies

Photo 1 - On our way to the school in rural area
Photo 2 - Finding our way to the rural area school
Photo 3 - Some students walking from school
Photo 4 - Yes!! we are on the right road
Photo 5 - More students walking back to the village
Photo 6 - Only the SUV could face this road
Photo 7 - Long way to go on the rough road
Photo 8 - School in sight!
Photo 9 - Led to school by our Rural Mission coordinator
Photo 10 - Students assembled to meet us
Photo 11 - Sharing the gospel and focus of Mission with school children
Photo 12 - Distributing school supply to students
Photo 13 - Distribution of supply continues
Photo 14 - Grateful and excited students
Photo 15 - Excited students with school supplies
Photo 16 - School 'Headgirl' thankful and sharing Bible story of the Good Samaritan
Photo 17 - Back on the road with our coordinator
Photo 18 - Driver and coordinator stop on the way back
Photo 19 - Time to stretch legs and say goodbye to the bumpy road
Photo 20 - Coordinator shows us our guest house for the night
Photo 21 - Lovely guest house!
Photo 22 - Back on the road the next day to the other school
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