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June 2008
Elementary School Project
July 2008
AGSM Site Launch
June 2009
Started Hope Scholarship program for High school students
July 2010
Added the Widows Program

2016 Mission Trip Photos

Widows Bible Fellowship

Widows Praise Worship and Testimonies

AGSM Student Fellowship with Financial counseling for their mothers

2014 Mission Trip Photos


The focus of our 2014 Mission trip was on the Desks and Chairs, Hope
Scholarship Students, Widows Fellowship and Chapel Mission Moment.


Desks and Chairs

Hope Scholarship Students

Sports Day

Widows Bible Fellowship

Chapel Mission Moment

2013 Mission Trip Photos


The focus of our 2013 Mission trip was on the School Renovation, Computer Donation,
School Supply Distribution, Widows Fellowship, and Hope Scholarship Students.


School Renovation

Hope Scholarship Students

Textbook Distribution and Evangelism

Widows Program

2012 Mission Trip Photos


The focus of our 2012 Mission trip was on the School Renovation, Computer Donation,
School Supply Distribution, Widows Fellowship, and Hope Scholarship Students.


Mission Trip - School Renovation

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Renovated School Building

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Computer Donation & School Supply

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Widows Fellowship & Hope Scholarship

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2011 Mission Trip Photos


The focus of our 2011 Mission trip was on the newly added Widows program, in addition to our on-going support for the Hope Scholarship for Children in High School.


Hope Scholarship

This year we added one new student to our list of sponsored students. She is a 15 year-old girl in Grade 12. She is the older of two daughters, and she lost her dad 2 years ago. She is a very brilliant girl who jumped one year of Elementary school and one year of Middle school to go directly into High school.

In her response during interview for the AGSM Hope Scholarship, this young girl said:

"I know my Mum is trying hard to keep me in school and take care of my younger sister and me. I try my best to be a good student in school and then to help her around the house to do chores everyday, before I sit down to study and do my homework. I am praying that I will do well in my High school final exams, and have a chance to go to a university, so I can grow up and take care of my Mum. "I love the Sciences especially Math and Physics. I hope to become some kind of Engineer in future, may be a Petroleum Engineer".



Widows Program 2011

During this Mission trip the President participated in the Bible fellowship that the Program Manager runs on regular basis for the widows.

Bible Fellowship

In the program, there were over 35 widows involved in this program. The Bible fellowship involve praise worship, bible study , prayer time and giving testimonies. It often ends with distribution of foodstuffs such as Rice, Cassava flour, Yam, biscuits etc., to help the widows in their upkeep.


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Donation of Pepper Grinders

In the follow-up contacts with the widows, they were assessed for level of need, and the decision was made with the advice of our international managers, to donate Pepper grinders to the poorest among them who had no jobs. This Pepper grinder donation will allow these women to have a stall in front of their house for grinding peppers and other foodstuffs for people in their neighbourhood as a way of making money to help with the monthly upkeep of their family.


Micro-Financing for Widows

Funds were made available for micro-financing of businesses for twelve of the widows who needed a boost for their mini-business.
This micro-financing project needs more funds to be able to have more impact among these widows who are in great need. The generosity of our Program Manager for the Widows Program led to doubling of the funds available to start this micro-�financing. [This is very notable in that she had lost her job at that point, yet she contributed such a large amount from her savings!] In an award ceremony, our International Manager distributed the funds.

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Future Medical Project: Lifesavers Africa


(As funding becomes available)


Lifesavers Africa program is our upcoming project! Lives have been lost unnecessarily in Africa for decades due to the fact that most Africans are not trained in lifesaving skills. We at the African Good Samaritan Mission believe that every life is worth fighting for. Due to the obvious lack of emergency response services in most of the sub-Saharan Africa countries, it has been a tragedy the way several African lives are being lost because of lack of resuscitation skills. We plan to use the Lifesavers Africa program to mitigate this trend by collaborating with the American Heart Association and Genesis Health Inc to provide training in CPR, basic life support, first aid and introduce the use of the automatic external defibrillator (AED). The program will be directed by Dr Roger Olade, who is our Medical mission director, with a lot of experience in Emergency Medicine. The goal of Lifesavers Africa is to train as many Africans as possible, both young and old, in basic lifesaving skills. Let us give every life a fighting chance!

2010 Mission Trip Photos

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Renovation of School Buildings


Additional renovations to elementary school.

Books & Computer Donations


The school's first computer donation and additional book supplies.


Sharing The Gospel & School Supplies


Spreading the Gospel with the students while distrubuting school supplies.



Hope Scholarship for Children in High School


Helping Overcome Poverty through Education(HOPE). To a poor child, education is the door to escape from the cycle of poverty. This is why the African Good Samaritan Mission has decided to provide support for poor African children in rural areas who are brilliant, but can’t pay their tuition for high school, or buy books or uniform, because their parents can’t afford it.



Widows Program


In most African communities where the fathers are often the main traditional breadwinners, widows remain helpless and hopeless with no means to sustain their children if their husband die, especially if they are uneducated and have no substantive way to support themselves and their children, as there is no government social services. To respond to this situation and turn the widows’ hopelessness into hopefulness in Jesus Christ, our Program manager, Sike, who is a highly educated widow herself, is the inspiration behind this project . She wants to “disciple widows and the fatherless for Christ “. Through this Widows program which is called the Fountain of Love Ministry, we will be looking into both the spiritual and social welfare of the widows and their fatherless children. We hope to offer them Godly counsel through Bible study and also provide funds in form of Micro-financing for small business, in order to alleviate the sufferings of the widows, and empower them to be productive, and in turn be able to give back to society.
“Sike”--The Program Manager for the Widow’s Program


Medical Mission

The first medical mission trip took place in July 2010 , in partnership with Genesis Health Inc, and the supervision on our Medical Programs Director, Dr Roger Olade. The mission was highly successful, and caught the attention of the media , at that time in the West African Country visited, and there was an article written on the mission trip by one of the national newspapers. Not only were many patients treated freely over a period of one week, one of the children of a recently widowed wife of a policeman received scholarship for her daughter, while another poor trader received money to help revitalize his business which was destroyed by a fire outbreak.

Mother with Sponsored daughter


Business help after fire Outbreak

2009 Mission Trip Photos


Africa Book & School

 Supply Mission

School Renovation Project

Our School Building Renovation Project started with the completion and renovation of a 4-classroom block of an Elementary grade school at a rural community in the western region of Nigeria. The Classroom block needed plastering, painting, and additional school desks and chairs for students.


Most  children in elementary schools in rural areas of Africa do not have  the luxury of having a school  library or owning children's book of their own. Our book drive is one of our Mission's on-going yearly project to collect both new and used children's books and post them to these rural area schools. The books that are donated  will be used in starting small school libraries for these children.

We are continuously sending donated books through using priority mail boxes for international postage through the postal services. Currently, there is no standard international postage allowed for books, and so, using  priority mail is the cheapest way of getting these books out to the rural elementary schools for the children. To donate books or money for postage  please see our Donation page for address, and you can also email us at info@agsmission.org.

Initial donations of cash were made to two orphanages in Ibadan Nigeria help towards the purchase of buses to transport the children. In addition baby items , including food and medicines were also given. This was the initial seed that rooted the mission.  

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